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Coolfit solar cools down your PV and prepares your building for a desiccant cooler. 

We hope your time scanning this site will reward you. If you are a building facilities engineer this product is likely to tick a lot of the boxes on your checklist. The possible challenges you face are rising fuel prices, limited roof space, humidity control and healthy indoor environment. If you install photovoltaic panels then there may be commercial advantages to advising your prospective customers of the COOLFIT option at quotation stage.  

You can fit the COOLFIT panel into new PV installations or even retrofit for old customers. We are lauching this product soon on the market and if you email us we can update you on the progress, availability and prices


COOLFIT retrofit insert

COOLFIT  INSERT for retrofit

The COOLFIT SOLAR insert panel  is fitted on-site into the existing standard PV framed panel.  The standard supermounted aluminium mounting system for pitched or flat roofs are used as normal. 

COOLFIT new insert

COOLFIT insert for new installations

The COOLFIT insert panel can be manufactured to suit a particular size of standard photovoltaic panel. This panel can fitted on-site by the installer or fitted in a PV module factory.